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Jim Efstathiou
Creative Director

Jim Efstathiou, creative director, has experience in planning, creation, and implementation of visual communications.


I have worked in design firms in Chicago and was Design Manager at Fidelity Investments and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Boston. I have also worked in public and commercial television in Chicago and Boston.


Creating projects that address client communication needs with print and digital solutions.


Beyond cosmetics ..

What has been missing from making corporate identity relevant to the management process is the understanding and interpreting of how corporate identity/brand identifier relates to the fundamental workings of the business. Identity is a corporate resource that may not always be fully utilized.


Business owners who recognize and utilize corporate identity as a key factor in competitive differentiation – and, thus, in a company’s overall business strategy – stand to gain a decided business advantage.


“Jim gets it. He looks at design as a tool to support message, brand, and corporate goals. His designs are crisp, focused and bottom-line conscious. That’s why I have worked with him for over 15 years.”

Rolf Fuessler



 “I had the pleasure to work for Jim at two different organizations - Fidelity Investments and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Jim excelled both at creative and strategy — I learned much from him about branding and visual problem-solving earlier in my

career. Not only was he a great mentor,  but he was very personable and it was such a delight to  work with him.”

David Kearney

Graphic Design Professional

“Jim is a very professional, reliable, responsive, and creative designer. Jim goes above and beyond his graphic designing job ... he sees the project through from beginning to end -  helping with other vendors and helping meet last-minute deadlines. He is a solution-oriented designer and very in tune with branding ... he treats his clients and their

brand with the utmost respect. Jim’s technical grasp of the A/E/C industry is impressive and I highly recommend him for designing award submissions.”



Christina FitzGerald

Director of Marketing and

Communications at                    Packerland Brokerage

Services, Inc.

- Formerly with

Nitsch Engineering

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